The Sheriff and the Community Relations Office created the Volunteers in Partnership (V.I.P.) program in order to provide citizens with an opportunity to learn more about law enforcement by contributing their time to administrative and support tasks. The V.I.P. program allows its volunteers to play a vital role in the Sheriff’s vision of Result Oriented Policing. Through the V.I.P. Program the Sheriff’s Office is able to engage the community in an active problem-solving partnership.

V.I.P. participants will assist in tasks at the three Sheriff Office locations as well as provide assistance outside of the office and throughout the county. This will enable the Sheriff’s Office to provide additional community services.

The SJCSO Volunteers in Partnership (V.I.P.) program allows citizens the opportunity to participate in the day-to-day operations of the Sheriff’s Office. Volunteers are assigned to the various departments and divisions within the office where they work side by side with Sheriff’s Office employees. Volunteers are exposed to the behind the scenes workings of the Sheriff Office and assist employees in every aspect of SJCSO operations.

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Volunteers In Partnership Program is a collective group of citizens with a true and common desire to partner with the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office by volunteering their services while learning more about the internal workings of the Sheriff’s Office.


Minimum Requirements:

To be eligible for application you must be:

  • A United States Citizen
  • 18 years of age
  • Possess a valid driver’s license
  • Successfully complete a criminal history check and background investigation
  • Pass an interview panel

Specific Requirements:

Each volunteer position has unique qualifications and requirements. The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office has a variety of volunteer opportunities available that just might be right for you! You can volunteer your time in an assistance/support role in various departments throughout the agency or volunteer in areas where you can put your specialized skills to work. Although we always endeavor to accommodate requests for volunteer service, some of our volunteer positions may not be open at the time you submit your application.

Volunteer positions within the program are:

  • Administrative Services:
    • Volunteer will be assigned to either the front desk reception area, records, supply room and other areas. Volunteer will be responsible for data entry, answering telephones, assisting walk-ups, filing, organizing, and taking inventory of the supply room, and other duties and assignments as necessary.
  • Court Monitor:
    • To monitor San Juan County court cases in magistrate and/or district courts and to report significant data so information can be used to track cases and trends. Court Watch may use the information to communicate and/or disseminate it in newsletters, press releases, and/or to those with the authority to change policies and procedures when necessary.
  • Display Support Assistant:
    • The Sheriff’s Office has a bulletin board that is seen by the deputies each month. It provides an opportunity to educate and inform them of the activities and events of the Volunteer Program, as well as upcoming events that we will need their assistance with.
  • Duplication Specialist:
    • The Sheriff’s Office requires a significant number of forms and reports be prepared for both internal and external use. Volunteer assistance is needed in reproducing necessary documents. Operate copy machine and duplicator. Reproduce forms and materials. Assist with assembly of reports (copying, binding, and distributing).
  • Graphic Design & Media Relations Internship:
    • The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office is looking to strengthen their marketing materials and increase its presence in social media and the web. This includes enhancing our program’s branding, creating new graphics to promote the Sheriff’s Office divisions and programs, developing promotional videos and animations, creating a newsletter for print and web distribution, and more. Unpaid internship. Great opportunity for strengthening a resume for a professional, highly visible organization. Approximately 10+ hours/week.
  • Information Access Specialist:
    • The Sheriff’s Office receives a multitude of information from many different sources. Raw information (reports, newspaper articles, magazines, queries, etc.) has to be processed and scanned. Assistance is needed in processing the raw information into useful reports.
  • Law Enforcement Foreign Language Interpreter:
    • To provide interpreter services for law enforcement officers (deputies). As a Foreign Language Interpreter volunteer you will assist law enforcement officers in communications with suspected offenders, victims witnesses and other parties as requested.
  • Neighborhood Watch Newsletter Editor:
    • Volunteer will organize and publish a quarterly newsletter that can be distributed to Neighborhood Watch groups within the county, Volunteer will receive assistance from Community Relations Division. San Juan County Sheriff’s Office will provide computer assistance.
  • Recruitment Specialist:
    • In order to facilitate the V.I.P. program, direct contact is necessary with groups and individuals who could be a valuable asset. The volunteer would be critical in providing necessary information about current available jobs and solicit input on other potential jobs.
  • Records Mail Runner:
    • Volunteer will report to Aztec Sheriff’s Office and assist with processing of paperwork. Mail run may include delivering paperwork to area courts; Kirtland Substation; Lee Acres Substation; Detectives Division and other areas as needed.
  • Reserve Deputy:
    • The San Juan County Sheriff’s Reserve Deputy is a non-paid community service position that performs an essential role within the Sheriff’s Office. The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy Program is comprised of volunteers throughout San Juan County. The program is also organized by volunteers as well. It is manned pursuant to and under the direction of the Sheriff of San Juan County.The function of the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Unit involves the responsibility for the protection of life, property, and enforcement of the law. In the discharge of this responsibility, Reserve Deputies must recognize that all operations are in the interest of public safety and welfare. That Reserve Deputies have had conferred upon them, certain legal powers not possessed by private citizens.Therefore, it is imperative that the objectives of the Reserve organization and the Sheriff’s Office be achieved in a manner to inspire the confidence and respect of the public.The Mission of the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy Program:It shall be the mission of the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office in partnership with the community to protect life and property in upholding the law in a fair and equal manner. We will adapt to the community’s changing needs through proactive strategies and traditional policing methods. In our exercise of authority we will maintain a high level of integrity, compassion, professionalism and dedication to service.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Reserve Deputy, please contact our Recruiting/Hiring Coordinator at 505-334-7051 or yatesd@sjcounty.net or click here to see the job posting or to apply.

  • Unit Coordinators: ALL UNITS!
    • Qualifications: Applicant should have a strong interest in volunteerism and demonstrate commitment to V.I.P. project. Should be organized. Training will be provided on program goals and changes.
  • Victim Service Provider:
    • San Juan County is initiating a VICTIM SERVICES PROGRAM that will support and advocate for the victims and survivors of crimes in the county. In order to do this we are in need of volunteers that are willing to be 1) trained and 2) lend a helping hand to those that have been victimized. Providing services to victims of crime is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences you can have. The ramifications of being victimized are overwhelming–legally and emotionally, thus, someone who is willing to assist the victim through the process is invaluable.
  • Volunteer Program Specialist:
    • Coordinates the selection and assignment of other volunteers within the Sheriff’s Office. While working directly with internal staff members, coordinate most of the administrative tasks related to the V.I.P. program.
  • Website Design Internship:
    • The intern will assist with updating and maintaining the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office website. Develop and implement a plan to attract more people to our website. Develop and implement a plan to use the most popular pages on our website (arrests & warrants) to share information. Develop and implement new features to be added to www.sjcso.com. Intern will also assist with updating and maintaining the Sheriff’s Office social media sites (Facebook, Twitter).

Are you ready to utilize your knowledge, skills, abilities and interest in law enforcement by assisting the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office? If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a San Juan County Sheriff’s Office volunteer, please contact us at:

Community Relations Division
San Juan County Sheriff’s Office
211 South Oliver
Aztec, NM 87410

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