The training division at the Sheriff’s Office serves a critical support function for certified personnel and reserve deputies.  Policy, law, and best practices mandate certain law enforcement topics are trained on regularly to create high-level, professional deputies.  This training directly impacts the service provided to the citizens of San Juan County.  Some examples of the responsibilities handled by the training division are

  • Defensive tactics,
  • Driving and pursuit operations,
  • Use of force to include verbal tactics, skills, decision making, law, etc.,
  • Field training and evaluation program,
  • Reserve deputy training academy, and
  • Advanced training topics.

To add to these duties, the training division is closely involved with the recruiting, selection, and hiring process for deputies and reserve deputies.  Recruiting trips are often taken to locate the most qualified individuals to serve the citizens.  Once a candidate has been located, training staff continue to aid until only the best people move on to the police academy.

While not associated with typical law enforcement duties, the training division is a required and rewarding facet of the Sheriff’s Office team.

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