Sheriff’s Patrol

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division provides uniformed police services to all unincorporated areas of San Juan County, with the exception of parts of the County that are within the Navajo Indian Reservation.

The Sheriff’s Office provides 24-hour coverage by utilizing three ten-hour shifts in every 24-hour period. The overlap between the shifts is designed to have more deputies working during busy times. The Patrol Division currently consists of three Animal Control Officers, one School Resource Deputy, 42 Patrol Deputies, a 14 man SWAT Team and six Negotiators (all comprised of patrol deputies and supervisors), seven Patrol Sergeants and three Lieutenants. The Division is overseen by the Operations Captain.

Uniformed Patrol Deputies handle a wide variety of incidents to include search missions, security details, burglary investigations, traffic accidents, domestic violence, fights, drive-by shootings, sexual assaults and homicides. Detectives are assigned to handle follow-up investigations on felony crimes; however, Patrol Deputies conduct preliminary investigations on most of these cases and handle a large number of investigations from the initial stages through prosecution. During times when Deputies are not handling calls, they conduct patrols to watch for suspicious activity and work to address traffic-related safety issues to include DWI’s.

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