Region II Task Force Logo
Region II Task Force Logo

Region II Narcotics Task Force

The role of the Task Force is to enhance, through jointly controlled operations, the ability of Federal, State and local criminal justice agencies to remove specifically targeted, major organized crime narcotics trafficking conspiracies and offenders. In addition, the Task Force attacks drug dealing at all lev­els: street level, mid, and upper-level traf­fickers, and organized trafficking conspira­cies. This will include the identification, investigation, arrest, prosecution and seizure of criminal assets from these offenders.

Region II Narcotics Enforcement Task Force was created through a Memorandum of Understanding between the following entities: San Juan County, Farmington, Aztec, Bloomfield and the 11th Judicial District Attorney’s Office.

Patrol deputies often times become aware of suspected narcotics trafficking either by citizen information or by their own observations in the neighborhoods they patrol. Region II Agents work closely with patrol deputies to successfully target drug traffickers in San Juan County.

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office provides three full time investigators and one supervisor to the Task Force.

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