Ride-Along Program Requirements and Regulations

1. Dress and Grooming Standards

a. Participants in the Ride-Along Program must dress and groom themselves in an appropriate and business-like manner. The assigned Deputy will determine if the participant’s attire and/or grooming is appropriate to ride in a law enforcement vehicle and represent the Sheriff’s Office.

b. Minimum requirements are slacks and a dress shirt for males; females will wear slacks and blouses. Jeans and/or tee-shirts are not acceptable for either sex.

c. Males will be clean-shaven or will have neatly trimmed beards or mustaches and hair will be neatly groomed.

d. Clothing that advertises any product, business, or organization will not be permitted; nor will any sign or symbol that is inflammatory in nature.

2. Observers in the Ride-Along Program are guests of the Sheriff’s Office and will conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. Observers will:
a. Not use alcoholic beverages immediately prior to or during the Ride-Along period;

b. Not use profane or abusive language or behave in any manner that might embarrass the Sheriff’s Office or cause an incident to escalate;

c. Not enter into any investigation or converse with any citizen, witness or prisoner concerning a police incident or investigation;

d. Not make known to unauthorized persons the identity of persons arrested, detained or suspected of any offense;

e. Not operate or use any police equipment or vehicle, except in the case of an emergency, when requested to do so by a deputy;

f. Not imply or convey the impression of being a deputy;

g. Remain in the patrol vehicle during routine traffic stops and calls of a violent nature, or whenever directed to do so by a deputy; and

h. Obey, without question, any instructions given by the deputy in charge

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