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The training division at the Sheriff’s Office serves a critical support function for certified personnel and reserve deputies.  Policy, law, and best practices mandate certain law enforcement topics are trained on regularly to create high-level, professional deputies.  This training directly impacts the service provided to the citizens of San Juan County.  Some examples of the responsibilities handled by the training division are

  • Defensive tactics,
  • Driving and pursuit operations,
  • Use of force to include verbal tactics, skills, decision making, law, etc.,
  • Field training and evaluation program,
  • Reserve deputy training academy, and
  • Advanced training topics.

To add to these duties, the training division is closely involved with the recruiting, selection, and hiring process for deputies and reserve deputies.  Recruiting trips are often taken to locate the most qualified individuals to serve the citizens.  Once a candidate has been located, training staff continue to aid until only the best people move on to the police academy.

While not associated with typical law enforcement duties, the training division is a required and rewarding facet of the Sheriff’s Office team.

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Region II Task Force Logo
Region II Task Force Logo

Region II Narcotics Task Force

The role of the Task Force is to enhance, through jointly controlled operations, the ability of Federal, State and local criminal justice agencies to remove specifically targeted, major organized crime narcotics trafficking conspiracies and offenders. In addition, the Task Force attacks drug dealing at all lev­els: street level, mid, and upper-level traf­fickers, and organized trafficking conspira­cies. This will include the identification, investigation, arrest, prosecution and seizure of criminal assets from these offenders.

Region II Narcotics Enforcement Task Force was created through a Memorandum of Understanding between the following entities: San Juan County, Farmington, Aztec, Bloomfield and the 11th Judicial District Attorney’s Office.

Patrol deputies often times become aware of suspected narcotics trafficking either by citizen information or by their own observations in the neighborhoods they patrol. Region II Agents work closely with patrol deputies to successfully target drug traffickers in San Juan County.

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office provides three full time investigators and one supervisor to the Task Force.


The air support unit provides rapid response law enforcement and search & rescue services for the 4 corners region.

We have 2 military surplus Bell OH58 A+ Kiowa helicopters equipped with:

  • FLIR 8500
  • SX5 Search Light
  • Long Range Loudhailer
  • ARS Mapping Systems
  • Night Vision Goggles

We are the only Law Enforcement aircraft in the 4 corners region, and we respond to an area of over 30,000 square miles encompassing 300,000 people in 4 states.

The majority of our funding is State and Federal funds, which gives the regional taxpayers a reduced cost for operating our aircraft.


Sheriff’s Patrol

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division provides uniformed police services to all unincorporated areas of San Juan County, with the exception of parts of the County that are within the Navajo Indian Reservation.

The Sheriff’s Office provides 24-hour coverage by utilizing three ten-hour shifts in every 24-hour period. The overlap between the shifts is designed to have more deputies working during busy times. The Patrol Division currently consists of three Animal Control Officers, one School Resource Deputy, 42 Patrol Deputies, a 14 man SWAT Team and six Negotiators (all comprised of patrol deputies and supervisors), seven Patrol Sergeants and three Lieutenants. The Division is overseen by the Operations Captain.

Uniformed Patrol Deputies handle a wide variety of incidents to include search missions, security details, burglary investigations, traffic accidents, domestic violence, fights, drive-by shootings, sexual assaults and homicides. Detectives are assigned to handle follow-up investigations on felony crimes; however, Patrol Deputies conduct preliminary investigations on most of these cases and handle a large number of investigations from the initial stages through prosecution. During times when Deputies are not handling calls, they conduct patrols to watch for suspicious activity and work to address traffic-related safety issues to include DWI’s.

About Us


The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office is a full service law enforcement agency and the primary agency for the unincorporated, non-reservation portion of San Juan County. This equates to an approximate land area of 2,000 square miles and a population of 127,000 people. Our entire team consists of 102 certified deputies and 25 civilian personnel as well as varying levels of volunteers and reserve deputies.

On Average the Sheriff’s Office handles approximately 55,000 calls for service ranging from homicides to vehicle collisions. The 102 certified deputies of SJCSO are a mixture of the following divisions: patrol, detectives, narcotics, aviation, civil and training.

Aside from promotions and divisional transfers, there are many opportunities for employee growth at the Sheriff’s Office, such as police instructor, SWAT team member, tactical flight officer, etc.

The main Sheriff’s Office is located in the county seat in Aztec, New Mexico. In addition to the main office, there are substations located in the Lee Acres area as well as the Kirtland area.


Civil/Court Services/Transport

Civil Service:

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Civil Division serves legal documents on behalf of individuals and businesses located within the boundaries of San Juan County, New Mexico. This includes the service of all civil and criminal process either received from the courts, or from individuals whose legal interests are affected by the courts’ decisions. An important part of the role of the Sheriff’s Office in fulfilling civil process is to do so in a manner that facilitates the court’s efficiency. San Juan County Sheriff’s Office does not provide legal advice.

Other responsibilities of the Civil Division include providing fulltime security for the NM District Court and prisoner transport. Deputies assigned to prisoner transport travel to jails and prisons outside the county or state to take custody of prisoners who are wanted in San Juan County. They also transport convicted prisoners from our detention center to the state prisons, other inmates who are needed in for court appearances and occasionally transport patients with behavioral health problems to the state hospital.

The Civil Division is comprised of 2 civilian personnel, 4 Civil Process Deputies, 2 Court Security Deputies, 3 Transport Deputies, 1 FTO and 1 Lieutenant.

Requests for civil service must be delivered or mailed to:
San Juan County Sheriff’s Office
Civil Division
211 South Oliver Street
Aztec, NM 87410
(505) 334-6107 ask for Civil Process or Transport

Hours of operation: 8:00-12:00 and 1:00-5:00, Monday – Friday.

Advance payment is required
Accepted Forms of Payment
Cash for paperwork presented at the Sheriff’s Office, do not mail cash.
Personal / Business Check or Money Order / Cashier’s Check
Checks made payable to: San Juan County Sheriff’s Office

Fee Schedule:
Service for individual                                                 $42.00
More than one individual at same address           $42.00
Business                                                                       $42.00

Please provide a cover letter stating all contact information for both the defendant and the submitting entity.  Also include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for each service request to ensure correct return of your paperwork.

For information regarding civil process located on the Navajo Nation contact Crown Point Police Department at 575-768-2050.

VIN Inspections by appointment only, please call 505-334-6107.